SolarUPS: Network-independent, uninterruptible power supply with solar power

Industrial level SolarUPS devices (developed and manufactured by our company) can provide for constant, uninterruptible low voltage system power supply for such low consumption equipment (e.g. measurement data collectors, field sensors, weather or gas stations, gateways, monitoring and security devices, wild cameras) where supply from the network would be impossible or very difficult. Supply can come from a low-power solar panel, but charging from a network power supply unit is also possible. Energy is stored by the SolarUPS device in a Li-ion or SLA Gel battery pack (5000 – 12000 mAh capacity). We are working with cells of wide temperature range and longer lifetime. Charging of the battery pack is performed intelligently, with a MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) function, utilizing energy fed from the solar panel very efficiently. The SolarUPS module supplies the connected device with a buck-boost DCDC stabilized power supply, and the output voltage is completely independent of the battery voltage.

SolarUPS device structure

The charging circuit completely switches off in dark operation in case of types V1 and V2, the supply unit switches in energy saving mode and the own consumption of the devices remains below 10uA. So, the charged condition is preserved this way even for 2 years. Devices V1 and V2 have charging current measuring function with voltage output, and status outputs. In V3, the rated current of the connected consumer can be measured with a voltage output. Another additional function of device V3 is the automatic device heating, improving charging efficiency in case of freeze and cold weather. Protection functions in each type: deep discharge protection of the battery, temperature protection, short circuit protection of the supply unit, input polarity protection.


  • Add-on board with optional sandwich structure (V1 & V3 PCB variants) with metal spacers and high row pins
  • Outdoor applications (V1 & V3 variants) with IP65-IP67 housing (variable sizes, optional UV protected PC materials). Can be used indoors as well (with cheap ABS enclosure)
  • DIN rail applications (V2 variant)

Main characteristics of SolarUPS uninterruptible power supply units:

  • Constant, uninterruptible power supply, with stabilized DC output, independently from the charge level of the battery.
  • Very efficient use of the energy coming from the solar panel for battery charging with MPPT technology.
  • Long-lasting preservation of charge in the battery, DCDC supply unit with low consumption in idle run
  • Built in batteries with wide temperature range and long lifetime
  • Status, charging current and consumption measuring outputs for monitoring of the operation
  • Small dimensions and low weight, outdoor design with high IP protection, optionally in UV resistant polycarbonate-housing
  • Industrial level and certified solutions
  • Multiple electronic and thermal protection
  • Easy installation and fitting into application

The devices and the accessories can be purchased in the webshop. More detailed description and data sheets are available in menu SolarUPS devices.

If the application requires then individual devices may be developed if there is an appropriate quantity demand. Should you have any question or need an individual offer, please contact us at our given contact details. You can see our facebook page: SolarUPS facebook page

Our devices have CE certification and conformity declaration.



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