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A SolarUPS V3 PCB version can be used as an add-on panel or as a stand-alone module. It works with 20 W solar, and can be equipped with an SLA battery (not included). Optional 5V or 12V output voltage available at order, with a maximum load of 2000-2500 mA.


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SolarUPS V3 device is available as an Add-On panel without battery (dimensions 80x50x15mm, type PCB) or with the optional battery (types SLA and Li) in a housing of IP66 or IP65 protection. External dimensions, depending on the type of the selected battery: 192x164x87mm (type SLA) or 160x80x85mm (type Li). The cable of the solar panel and of the powered device (max. 6 mm) let out from the housing through two simple cable gland. Power may come from a 20W solar panel, DC output voltage is stabilized 5V or 12V (device type), with 2000-2500mA load.

The device is available with two kinds of battery packs. One of them is a Li-ion battery pack of capacity 9000mAh and nominal voltage of 11.1V, with an automatic balancing circuit. This battery has a wide range of operating temperature and a full charge cycle value (life time) higher than the usual: it wears at least 1000 charge cycle (50% DOD) without larger capacity loss. Device equipped with this kind of battery is more favourable both in its dimensions and weight, however it is more expensive. Comparison of the operating temperature range – Liion (green line) and SLA (red line) battery:

The other possibility is the SLA Gel working battery with 12V of nominal voltage and 9000mAh of capacity. This version is larger and heavier, and it does not work in such a wide range of temperature, as compared to the Li-ion battery version. The lifetime of the battery is lower (600 charge cycle, 50% DOD), however its price is more favourable and at the end of the lifetime of the battery its replacement is simple and cheap, anyone can do it.

SLA 12V / 5-12Ah capacity battery can be connected to the PCB version SolarUPS device. The connected battery must bear 1.8A of charge current! The optional charge temperature protection must be activated in compliance with the temperature specifications of the selected battery.


SolarUPS V3 datasheet
SolarUPS V3 install manual



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