SolarUPS V2

9 900 Ft

Standard 35 mm DIN rail mounting SolarUPS version. 10 W solar panel, high temperature range and long-life 8800 mAh Li-ion battery capacity and optionally 3.3 V / 5 V (select with jumper) output voltage at 500-900 mA load.

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The device can be put on DIN rail (35 mm) with a snap lock. Placement is possible in any DIN rail electric box or separately on the wall. In the latter case only a piece of 35 mm DIN rail has to be mounted on the wall. Electric outlet is made through pcb terminal blocks, which are mechanically integrated in the device housing. The connections can receive cables of maximum 1,5mm2. Power may come from a 10W solar panel, DC output voltage is stabilized 3.3V or 5V (jumpered), with 500-900mA load.


SolarUPS V2 datasheet
SolarUPS V2 install manual
SolarUPS V1/V2 flyer


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