We inform you that as a buyer (consumer) you use the website http://www.solar-ups.eu that you are aware and accept the following general terms and conditions prepared on the basis of § 6:77-6:81 of (5th Law of 2013) of the Hungarian Civil Code.  If you wish to become the purchaser or active user of the possibilities offered by our Webshop, please carefully read our General Terms and Conditions and only use our services if you agree with each point of them and you consider them valid for yourself.

The present document is concluded solely in electronic form. The contract governed by the below conditions is qualified by the Hungarian Civil Code as a contract established between distant persons.

  1. Operator’s data:
  • Company name: Futó Gábor e.v.
  • Telefon: +36 30 9487542
  • E-mail: info@solar-ups.eu
  • Internet: www.solar-ups.eu
  • Tax Number: 66078988-1-33
  • Form language: English
  • Hosting provider: Magyar Hosting Kft. (H-1132 Budapest, Victor Hugo utca 18-22., info@tarhely.com)

The service provider is hereinafter referred to as the operator in these general contract terms.

  1. The sphere of available products and services

You can buy in our webshop the SolarUPS devices and their accessories directly from the developing-manufacturing company.

Warning: The pictures on the data sheet of the products may slightly differ from the real ones, in certain cases they are only illustrations.

  1. Ordering information

The shown products may only be ordered from the webshop, by e-mail and online, with courier delivery.

The prices of the products do not include VAT, the invoice is made without VAT (VAT free).

Should the operator indicate wrong price for the product, and despite the due diligence of the operator the price of the product is different from the generally accepted one, then the operator is not obliged to sell the product at the faulty price, but he is obliged to offer for the buyer in the confirmation the possibility of buying at the real price. In case the buyer does not wish to enjoy this opportunity, then he has the right of one-sided withdrawal.

No separate cost of packing will be accounted. The detailed delivery fees are part of the present contractual conditions as per menu item – home delivery tariffs.

You can browse the available products and services in our webshop as per the product categories. If you wish to get more detailed information about the product, please click the picture or the name of the product. Then you will jump to the page of the product, where you will find more detailed information about it. Should you need even more detailed information then please contact the operator through the e-mail address.

  1. The course of ordering

You can put the product into the Cart by clicking on the cart or the button. You can put the product into the Cart also without logging in. You have the possibility of registration before ordering. You will find registration in menu “My account” In case you are a signed-up buyer, but you forgot your password, then please use the password log-in reminder. If you give your signed-up e-mail address, then we will send you your password in an e-mail. Logging in is performed with the help of the Log-in menu. Here you have to give your signed-up e-mail address and password and then press the log-in button. After successful login your signed-up e-mail address and exit button will appear in this window, and you can leave the webshop.

  • The contents of the cart can be checked and edited with the help of menu item Cart. It is also possible to view and change the quantity of the products put in the cart, as well as to choose the most appropriate method of payment and delivery, as well as cancel the given item. The cart can be completely emptied, too. Should you wish to add further items to the cart you can continue purchasing in the shop menu item. If everything is OK and you decided to order the products, then the order can be finalized by select shipping address and pressing the Cash desk button.
  • Having finalized your order we will send you an automatic confirmation, including the data of your order. Should you fail to get this message your order was not received by the system. In this case, please contact us as described earlier, with the help of the operator’s data. Delivery of the product will be performed only afterwards.

You can follow your orders in menu item My account. Here, you can find all your orders sent to our webshop so far. Each order can be identified with the individual order number.

  1. Registration

If you wish to buy, you can give – before your fist purchase – all the data needed for purchasing, e.g. your name, invoicing and delivery data, e-mail address and the password needed for later log-in. Registration may be accessed in “My account” menu. This will allow you to save your data for later orders, so that you do not have to give them again. Before finalization of the registration the conditions of registration must be accepted. The registration will be confirmed by the system in an e-mail. The buyer is obliged to confidentially manage the password given by him. The Data manager does not undertake any responsibility for damages or disadvantages that occurred because the data of the buyer got into the possession of unauthorized third person after correct giving of the buyer’s individual identifier and password during identification. By giving their e-mail address the users contribute to receiving technical messages from the operator/service provider. The operator will cancel the registered data from the system, at request. The request for cancellation will be valid – for safety reasons – only when it is confirmed by an e-mail, so it could be avoided that some cancelled anyone else from the registration data base intentionally or by chance. Registration is identified by the e-mail address, so one e-mail address may only be registered once.

Registration does not involve any obligation.

  1. Processing of the orders

Processing of the orders is performed every workday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. It is also possible to place order beyond the periods given for order processing, but if it is done after expiry of the working time, then it will be processed only on the next working day. Fulfilment term of the accepted orders is 1-2 working days reckoned from the confirmation in case of products in stock. In case the product is out of stock, it is 1-8 weeks depending on the purchasing and manufacturing demand.

Our company does not undertake responsibility for the possible changes in the technical guides of the ordered product, made by the supplier or occurring due to reasons beyond his control.

  1. The method of payment of the price and delivery fee of the ordered product

The method of payment of the ordered product

  • Fulfilment by bank transfer in advance: in case your order has been already confirmed then you will find our bank account number and the order number in the confirmation e-mail. You must refer to these numbers in the remarks/message field of the transfer. We dispatch the product for the courier service only when the transferred amount is credited to our account.
  • Payment by credit card is possible for the next, valid and applicable card holders: MasterCard, Visa, American Express. Our bank card service provider partner is Barion.
  • Payment by PayPal to the expense of the balance is possible, and for the next, valid and applicable card holders: MasterCard, Visa.

The grand total to be paid includes all the costs based on the order summary and the confirmation letter. Paper-based invoice and the guarantee card are in the package. In case of an electronic invoice the bill will be forwarded to the e-mail address of the client. Please check the package when taking over from the courier and in case of a possible damage or lack of the product ask for drawing up of a protocol and please do not take over the package. We cannot accept follow-up claims without this protocol.

  1. Home delivery tariffs
  • Uniform home delivery in Hungary is: 1.690 HUF / ~ 5 EUR
  • Uniform home delivery in the territory of the European Union is: 8.000 HUF / ~ 22 EUR
  1. Terms of delivery

In case of products in stock within 5-10 days from the confirmation of the order. In case the product is out of stock, it is 2-10 weeks.

  1. Home delivery information

Delivery of the packages is usually performed between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. on working days. It is practical to give an address of delivery, where the courier can be continuously received in the given part of the day.

Please order the product only in case you can pay its price at the cash desk at the time of ordering of the package.

For any additional questions that may arise regarding the operation, ordering and delivery process of our store, we are at your disposal in the contact details of your operator.

  1. Information related to postal delivery

Loosing, partial loosing, damaging or liquidation of the postal consignment must be immediately indicated on the delivery document at the time of delivery. Failing this results in the loss of rights. Lacking the delivery document, the damage must be reported to the post office with another document referring to the consignment – within the deadline of loss of rights – that is within 3 days from the day of delivery.

  1. Right of withdrawal

In compliance with the regulations of the Hungarian governmental order 45/2014 about distance contracts the stipulations of the present point may only be applied in case of buyers considered as consumers. The consumer may – within 14 days from receipt of the ordered product – withdraw from the contract without giving the reasons; he may return the ordered product in unopened packaging. In case the consumer exercises his right of withdrawal, then he must clearly notify the operator about this in a written declaration (by registered, receipted mail or e-mail.) The operator must confirm the declaration of withdrawal for the consumer without delay. In case of withdrawal the ordered product must be returned to the operator within 14 days reckoned from giving declaration of withdrawal. The costs of returning must be paid by the consumer.

In case the consumer exercises his right of withdrawal, then the operator is obliged to refund the consumer the payments fulfilled by him within 14 days reckoned from receipt of the relevant declaration, including the costs of delivery, too. It is an exception when the consumer chose a way of delivery involving extra costs, being different from the usual one. The service provider should not fulfil his refunding obligation until the product or the trustworthy certification of the consumer about returning of the product is received. In case of difference between the two dates the operator must take the earlier date into account.

The operator may claim from the consumer compensation of material damages caused by non-proper use. Therefore, the consumer must pay special care to proper use of the product, since damages coming from non-proper use of the product must be compensated by the consumer.

After the package arrived at our company, unpacking of the package and examination of the returned product will be recorded with a video camera. This is required for the purpose of avoiding further misunderstandings (e.g.  in case the returned product was damaged or deficient).

The consumer is not entitled to the right of withdrawal:

  • in case of products whose price depends on the movements of the financial market, not controllable by the company.
  • in case of such pre-fabricated products that have been produced clearly at the request of the consumer and on the basis of individual demands defined by the consumer,
  • in case of products when the operator works at the definite request of the consumer in case of urgent repair or maintenance works
  1. Guarantee

1 year of guarantee is available for the consumer, in compliance with the Hungarian Governmental decree 151/2003 specifying the rules of mandatory guarantee for the individual products and certain durable consumer goods sold by the operator. In respect of the products not subject to the indicated decree the guarantee period ensured by the manufacturer will be given for the product. In case of related problems, the operator can give you exact information. In case of guarantee the consumer is entitled – within the guarantee period – to repair or replacement of the defective product free of charge. Guarantee repairs refer to defects due to manufacturing failure. The conditions of guarantee are valid together with the observation of the stipulations given in the operating manual.

In case of defect of the product you can get information about the actions to do either at the address and phone number indicated on the attached guarantee letter, or at any of our contacts. The cost of sending of the products to the guarantee service point must be covered by the buyer. You can also return the defective device directly to the address of our company. Packages sent without prepaid postage will not be taken over by our reception point, it will be always sent back to the sender! Only new parts may be built into the product during repair. The operator must endeavour to perform repair or replacement within 15 days. The costs of activities performed for guarantee must be borne by the operator.

Otherwise the stipulations of § 6.171-173 of the Hungarian Civil Code are decisive.

  1. Warranty

In case of defect or maintenance demand for the supplied product warranty claim may be submitted as per § 6:159-167 of the Hungarian Civil Code.

  1. Settlement of claims

The operator must draw up a protocol about the claim at the place given among the data of the operator and the claim must be preserved, together with the given answer for five years reckoned from the day of recording. The operator is to examine the claim arrived within 30 days from its receipt and must give a substantive answer. Should the operator reject the claim, then justification must be provided in writing. Legal disputes coming from the contract concluded with the operator must be peacefully settled in the first place by an agreement between the parties, or they can be submitted to the competent consumer protection authority as per the residence of the consumer. Should they fail to be successful, then judicial solution must be asked for.

  1. Data management

The operator manages the personal data put at his disposal by using the webshop confidentially and will not transfer them for outsiders or third parties, except for the case when it is necessary for his sub-contractors (e.g. courier service) e.g. for delivery of the order.

The operator uses the data fixed in course of placing the order only for the fulfilment of the order. The data of the invoice made of the order from the webshop will be recorded and stored -with the given data – by the individual IT systems for a period as determined by the valid accounting law. The operator manages the data given during browsing the webshop or registration confidentially, and cancellation of the own account may be requested at any of the given contacts. Cancellation or modification of your data may be asked in writing at any time.

In course of the procedure beginning with placing of the order the stipulations of act CXII of 2011 are decisive.

  1. Management of dangerous wastes

Majority of the products available from our webshop is qualified for dangerous wastes at the end of the lifetime. So, it is prohibited to manage them as communal waste or put them into the communal waste collector!

The Client may send the worn, defective products, out of the guarantee period, to the address of the operator, without paying a separate fee. The delivery costs must be borne by the client. It is the obligation of the operator to regularly collect the returned dangerous waste and to hand them over the third party performing their disposal.

  1. Miscellaneous stipulations

As concerns issues not regulated by the present general terms and conditions the stipulations of the Hungarian Civil Code (5th law of 2013) and of the Hungarian governmental order 45/2014 about consumers’ contracts and distance contracts are decisive.